Thomas was born in France on October 11, 1977. Exposed to Jazz early on in life, with the influence of his father and his brother, he started playing the guitar at the age of fifteen . He soon enrolled in “Le JAM”  school (Jazz Action Montpellier), in Montpellier, where he lived, to learn the instrumental techniques and harmony of Jazz. It is there that he meets the best musicians of the region, as well as world renowned musicians such as Mike Stern, Joe Diorio, Joe Zawinul, Trilok Gurtu, etc, with whom he follows master class and stages. He will then perfect himself with Louis Winsberg (guitarist for the group SIXUN) and Laurent Cugny (National Jazz Orchestra Director, at the time) in Paris.

It is when he discovered the music of Egberto Gismonti and Ralph Towner that he decides to concentrate on perfecting the acoustic guitar. In 1999, he asks luthière Martine Montassier, to make him an 8-string guitar, that influenced the music he plays today. On the electric side, Thomas is more influenced by musicians like Bill Frisell, Terje Rypdal, David Torn, Eivind Aarset, John Scofield…

Thomas will quickly concentrate on developing his own projects, acoustic and electric, that bring him to play on stage and in studio with musicians such as Dave Liebman, David Binney, Lonnie Plaxico, Gilad, Élisabeth Kontomanou, Ralph Alessi, Lionel Cordew, Dan Weiss, Thomas Morgan, Carlo Rizzo, Sylvain Luc…

A curious and prolific musician, he takes part in different projects and numerous creations. He took part in a number of festivals such as : Nice Jazz Festival 1998, Festival de Jazz de Junas 1999, Festival de Jazz de Carqueiranne 1999, Internationales de la Guitare 1999, 2000 et 2001, Festival La Pamparina 2001, Millau en Jazz 2001 et 2002, Boil Gospel Festival 2001 (Spain), Semaine du Jazz de Carcassonne 2002, Hanoi  Jazz Festival 2002 & 2004 (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh Jazz Festival 2002, 2004 & 2005 (Vietnam), Festival Hué 2006 (Vietnam), Montréal Jazz Festival 2006 & 2007, Québec Jazz Festival 2007…

He participated in four month-long tours in Vietnam (in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006), with his partner, the saxophonist Pierre Diaz. They enlivened a 4-day stage at the Music Conservatory in Hanoi, as well as met and played with local musicians, gave many concerts all over the country and recorded a CD.

Now living in Montreal since September 2003, he is pretty involved in the jazz scene, in playing with musicians such as François D’Amours, Rémi Bolduc, Erik Hove, François Bourassa, Jim Doxas, Chet Doxas, Thom Gossage, John Roney, Frank Lozano… and the french pop songs scene in playing with Caroline d’Été, Rachelle Jeanty, Geneviève Binette, Catherine Major, Moran and Aurélia O’Leary.

Since his arrival in Montreal, Thomas has released four discs : two on the New-York label “Twinz Records” (pure profile in 2004 & 4 more in 2006), one in duo with the saxophone player François d’Amours, one recorded live at the restaurant “Le Modavie” (standards – live at Modavie in 2005), two in solo “Shadows & Light” & "Sol E Lua". his most recent album "hekátê" (the tenth in career) is a trio project with Erik Hove on saxophone & Jim Doxas on drums.

Discography as a leader :
“ Hekàtê II” 2012 (TCMusique/Ad Litteram)
“ Serge pour les intimes - Hommage à Gainsbourg” 2011 (Ad Litteram)
“ Hekàtê” 2011 (TCMusique/Ad Litteram)
“ Sol e Lua” 2010 (Tryskell / Select)
“ Shadows & Light” 2008 (Card’am Productions)
“ 4 more” 2006 (Twinz Records/Fusion3)
“ Standards – Live at Modavie” 2006
“ 9 improvisations” 2005 (Twinz Records)
“ Pure Profile” 2004 (Twinz Records/Fusion3)
“ Alone...Again” 2001 (Dymusic)
“ Viagem” 1999 (Dymusic)
“ Anega” 1997