Pierre DIAZ    Thomas CARBOU  "3 Quartets"
1.    Equilibrium
2.    NY Traffic
3.    7ième Jour
4.    Friday In July
5.    Eloka Life
6.    Mon Ange Et Ses Démons
7.    Ditmas Groove
8.    Sko'Field
9.    Hola
10.  NY Traffic (trio version)
11.  Best
12.  22/11
>Pierre Diaz : tenor sax
>Thomas Carbou : guitar
>Lonnie Plaxico : bass (#2,3,6,7,10,11)
>Lionel Cordew : drums (#2,3,6,7,11)
>J.B. Carbou : bass (#4,5,6,8)
>Patrice Béland : drums (#4,5,6,8)
>Thomas Potrel : bass (#1,6,9,12)
>Frédéric Marchal : drums (#1,6,9,12)
Recorded directly on 2 track at :
- Systems Two, Brooklyn NY (nov 19 2001) by Mike Marciano
- Morin Heights, Quebec (nov 28 2001) by George Pelekoudis
- La Buissonne, France (fev 23 2002) by Sylvain Thévenard
reviews :
Formerly French based guitarist Thomas Carbou currently lives in Montreal. His co-leader here is Pierre Diaz who plays tenor sax. As the title says, there are three quartets here, three different rhythm teams - Lonnie Plaxico & Lionel Cordew, Jean-Bertrand Carbou & Patrice Beland and Thomas Potrel & Frederic Marchal, all on bass & drums respectively. "Equilibrium" is a fine, funky, jazz-rockin' groove tune with Thomas' slinky, sly jazz-tone and tasty, subtle wah-wah guitar - there is a Miles-like voodoo vibe here, both the tenor sax and el. guitar sailing together. Thomas plays with eloquence on "NY Traffic", a soulful, gospelish melody and superb guitar and tenor solos. By the time we get to "7ieme Jour", we're off into the fusion zone, with some burnin' guitar and sax solos, pushed by a charging rhythm team (Lonnie & Lionel). The short explosive drum solo at the end sounds a lot like John Marshall (Soft Machine & Nucleus) to me. When they turn it all the way down, like "Friday in July", they play with angelic grace that would be difficult to not be moved by. I can't recall the last time I heard a great fusion record from a current band, but this is certainly as good as it gets.
Bruce Lee Gallanter  (downtownmusicgallery.com)